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posted Mar 11, 2013, 8:38 PM by Osman Balkan

      It was the first time I had been abroad. I was getting more excited when we were approaching Germany. It would be a different experience for me. During the flight,  we made jokes with my friend Selen. Everything was perfect, expect the woman's next to us saying "pumpkins".


      We took the underground after the plane had landed with the German teacher called Dirk. It was interesting that all the seats were free.  In Turkey the underground is always full. When we get off at the last station, we started walk towards the house where we would stay. It was so beautiful. Differently from Istanbul we could see the stars in the sky. When we arrived at home, after chatting for a while, we slept.


       The following day we got up and went to the underground. When we first arrived, I had seen a church. It was the firs time I had seen a church. I was impressed. It was sunday and there was a public worship. We entered the church. They are singing. After a while, I was bored. So we left the church. We went to Sturbucks and inspite of the cold weather we ordered cold coffee for ourselves. We went home and in the evening,we met Bernd and other people from other countries. There were many younger kids than us. We were worried because we thought that all the other kids would be so young. But when we went to school, we met four girls the same age as us. We took our seats and we were given a piece of paper. We wrote our names and drew a picture about our country. People from all countries introduced themselelves. We joined the queue for lunch. It was a nice evening.


      The other days were at least as beautiful as the first day. We actually hung out with two Romanian girls. I have had the best days ever in Germany. We even made plans to be able to stay there longer, but they didn't work. I decided to learn German and to go there again.


      Kisses to everybody we met in Germany.