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posted Mar 11, 2013, 8:40 PM by Osman Balkan

              It was a good experience for me. Because it was my first trip abroad., I was more excited. When I met İdil at the airport, we knew that it would be very enjoyable trip. The plane took of and landed. We didn’t understand how fast the time passed. Following the German teacher Dirk. We went to our flat. It was a triplex house. On the first flor, the laudlady was living. Our teachers stayed on the second flor and we stayed on the attic. As soon as we arrived we jumped in the bed and fell asleep.

            The next day was our first day in Altdorf. We got up and had breakfast. Then we went to Nürnberg city   center. It was very diffrent from Turkey. The roofs  were too perpendicular like triangles. Because it snows a lot in Germany. I must admit that it was too cold. Streets weren’t very busy, there we a few people in the streets. The bells of hurch started to ring. Actually there aren’t so many churches in Turkey but naturally mosques. We watched relipious ceremony in a cruch and went on our interesting tour. We were tired. We went to a cofe and after resting for a while, we went back home. We made some preparetions and went to the meeting point. We met the other teachers and students from diffrent countries. We went to the school and took our  seats. At our table there was Karen, her sweet brother Kai, and her mother. We drew a symbolic picture about our country and we wrote our names on it. We tasted the meals they mad efor us with great pleasure.Thanks to everybody who made them.

         The second day we had a quided tour in Gymnasium. It was really big and beautiful. We went to the forest and built a cottage. In my group there was, Lara, Elisa, Janina, Johanna and Andrea.After building it, we sang a song. Actually I didn’t sing.Because, I don’t have a good voice.

        On the other days, we had many activities. I especially loved the day we built a school. We built a school with Christina, Andrea, Daniel, and the Dutch kids. (on a sheet of cartoon) What we did in the Arts was enjoyable too. We saw many diffrent places and tasted diffrent dishes. We had a very nice time in Gemany. We had new friends. Karen, Christina, Janina, Daniel, Andrea, Alex, Elisa and others. Love to all of them. Special love the Romanian teacher who likened met to Pinokyo, because I told my teacher that İdil ate her meal, inspite the fact the she didn’t. I didn’t understand how he understood me, while I was speaking in Turkish.

          I’m missing Germany.