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Holland from my point of view

posted Feb 15, 2014, 9:25 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated Feb 15, 2014, 9:52 AM ]


Hello. A few days ago my teachers and I went to Holland. Now I’ll tell this journey to you. First we went to Atatürk airport at 3.00 at midnight and I was very tired and exticed. Our plane flew at 6.30 am and we arrived in Holland at 8.30.  When we arrived in Holland we went to small but cute hotel and we stayed there one day. The following  morning we strolled in the city. Amsterdam was a very beautiful city. Everywhere was clean, everyone was kind so I liked Amsterdam very much.

The second day in our journey, we went to Putten by taxi, Putten was a small but good village I liked this place too. For one week we stayed in Peppelerhoeve in Putten. Peppelerhoeve was a very friendly and relaxing place. I was happy to stay  there. During this one week we visited the schools and some museums with  the Romenians, Bulgarians, Portugals, Greeks,Estonians and Germans.

every morning we went to the Nijkerk by shuttle bus and when we arrived  at Nijkerk we went to some schools and we took part in some activities,for example we played the Big Dutch Quiz. In this game we answered some questions but we could not win. The winners were the Germans.  I liked Holland very much. An weekend we went to Schipol Airport and our plane  flew at 8.30 pm and we arrived in Turkey at 1.00 am.

Arda Eren 8/B Borusan