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posted Jun 29, 2014, 2:29 PM by Osman Balkan

We were very excited and a bit sorry as well, as it would be the last Comenius meeting of AMI while we were starting our Geece trip because we had made a lot of really good friends during the AMI.

       First we flew to Thessaloniki and stayed there a night so that we could have a chance to visit Atatürk House in which our national hero was born and lived. We loved the city and ,to our luck, the weather was very good to discover the city.

      The following day we travelled by tain to Larissa where we were welcomed warmly.  We spend  there  lovely five days with all AMI team and very warm and polite Greek colleaques. The organization was perfect and every moment of the time we spend was enjoyable. Meteora was very interesting, swimming activities were relaxing,  school activities were very satisfying and the food was unbelievably delicious.

      Unfortunatelly we had to leave the fifth day for Athens which was worth seeing. Acropolis was amazingly fascinating. Walking narrow streets of Athens and taking a rest at steet cafes was  joyous for us. We did a lot of shopping  and after a long bus trip to Thessaloniki we cought out plane and arrived at home. Thanks Greek team!  Everything was wonderful.

      Osman Baklan and Sevil Kiraz

Romanian Trip

posted Apr 25, 2014, 11:12 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated Apr 25, 2014, 11:51 AM ]

    Hellotoday I will tell you my  Romania tripl. When I arrived at Romania I was very excited. Bucharest was quiet but the night was very active and the streets were very busy and crowded. The next day , we left Bucharest for  Petrosani. 8 hours later we reached  Petrosani and came to the hotel.

      We visited  Middle School No.7 Petrosani. We traveled  to historical places, museums and various schools. I made a new friends and I had anice time.I loved playing the guitar alive for my friends.

      Shortly, Comenius was  good for me.

Ömer Kerem SARAÇ 8/C

    Our Romania trip was very good. We went to a lot of places. We went to Bucharest and Petrosani. I have met a lot of new friends. It was good. We were together all the time. We had fun. We went to castles and schools. We learned new informations. Romania was a good experience for me. I saw Romania’s nature and I liked it. I also made a lot of new friends in Romania.I think we had great time in Romania

Ece Şişmanoğlu 8/B

Holland from my point of view

posted Feb 15, 2014, 9:25 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated Feb 15, 2014, 9:52 AM ]


Hello. A few days ago my teachers and I went to Holland. Now I’ll tell this journey to you. First we went to Atatürk airport at 3.00 at midnight and I was very tired and exticed. Our plane flew at 6.30 am and we arrived in Holland at 8.30.  When we arrived in Holland we went to small but cute hotel and we stayed there one day. The following  morning we strolled in the city. Amsterdam was a very beautiful city. Everywhere was clean, everyone was kind so I liked Amsterdam very much.

The second day in our journey, we went to Putten by taxi, Putten was a small but good village I liked this place too. For one week we stayed in Peppelerhoeve in Putten. Peppelerhoeve was a very friendly and relaxing place. I was happy to stay  there. During this one week we visited the schools and some museums with  the Romenians, Bulgarians, Portugals, Greeks,Estonians and Germans.

every morning we went to the Nijkerk by shuttle bus and when we arrived  at Nijkerk we went to some schools and we took part in some activities,for example we played the Big Dutch Quiz. In this game we answered some questions but we could not win. The winners were the Germans.  I liked Holland very much. An weekend we went to Schipol Airport and our plane  flew at 8.30 pm and we arrived in Turkey at 1.00 am.

Arda Eren 8/B Borusan

Estonia meeting

posted Oct 29, 2013, 5:17 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 5:18 AM ]

    When I stepped to the  ground of Estonia for the first time I didn’t even realize where I was , all I can think about was sleeping. Next day I woke up and looked out of the window then I just became like oh my God I’m in Estonia , which was amazing to be in there. We went to the Old Town , I really liked there , people were so kind and friendly. Next morning we wento other historical places of Tallinn with other people from other Comenius groups. I had new friends from The Netherlands , Germany and Portugal. We didn’t know our languages or our cultures but we  found mutual subjects to chat, we spoke in English and I’ve saw the benefits of learning another language one more time. Not only with students I also communicated with teachers from other countries and it was once in a lifetime experience for me.

Selin Çağatay
Borusan Otomotiv Zehra Nurhan Kocabıyık Ortaokulu / Turkey

Teaching Vocabulary to Kinesthetic Students


posted May 21, 2013, 11:35 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated May 21, 2013, 11:39 AM ]

We are 14 years old. And we are member of Comenius Project.
On 12th April 2013 we started our travel. We went to Veliko Tarnovo by bus.
When we reached Veliko Tarnovo at 6 a.m. , the sun was rising.
We couldn’t go to hotel. And we went to another hotel. Then we slept.
Saturday and Sunday we traveled in the city. “Veliko Tarnovo” is an amasing city.
In 15th April we met the other members of project.
All of them was good but we especially liked Jacob. He is from Germany.
He was such a warm boy that we wanted to be friend with him.
Other days we went to a museum and a castle. The castle is really small. Istanbul has huge castles.
The last day we were very sad because we had to go back.
We improved our English
And we saw a lot of historical places.
We liked our travel. İt was so funny


posted Mar 11, 2013, 8:40 PM by Osman Balkan

              It was a good experience for me. Because it was my first trip abroad., I was more excited. When I met İdil at the airport, we knew that it would be very enjoyable trip. The plane took of and landed. We didn’t understand how fast the time passed. Following the German teacher Dirk. We went to our flat. It was a triplex house. On the first flor, the laudlady was living. Our teachers stayed on the second flor and we stayed on the attic. As soon as we arrived we jumped in the bed and fell asleep.

            The next day was our first day in Altdorf. We got up and had breakfast. Then we went to Nürnberg city   center. It was very diffrent from Turkey. The roofs  were too perpendicular like triangles. Because it snows a lot in Germany. I must admit that it was too cold. Streets weren’t very busy, there we a few people in the streets. The bells of hurch started to ring. Actually there aren’t so many churches in Turkey but naturally mosques. We watched relipious ceremony in a cruch and went on our interesting tour. We were tired. We went to a cofe and after resting for a while, we went back home. We made some preparetions and went to the meeting point. We met the other teachers and students from diffrent countries. We went to the school and took our  seats. At our table there was Karen, her sweet brother Kai, and her mother. We drew a symbolic picture about our country and we wrote our names on it. We tasted the meals they mad efor us with great pleasure.Thanks to everybody who made them.

         The second day we had a quided tour in Gymnasium. It was really big and beautiful. We went to the forest and built a cottage. In my group there was, Lara, Elisa, Janina, Johanna and Andrea.After building it, we sang a song. Actually I didn’t sing.Because, I don’t have a good voice.

        On the other days, we had many activities. I especially loved the day we built a school. We built a school with Christina, Andrea, Daniel, and the Dutch kids. (on a sheet of cartoon) What we did in the Arts was enjoyable too. We saw many diffrent places and tasted diffrent dishes. We had a very nice time in Gemany. We had new friends. Karen, Christina, Janina, Daniel, Andrea, Alex, Elisa and others. Love to all of them. Special love the Romanian teacher who likened met to Pinokyo, because I told my teacher that İdil ate her meal, inspite the fact the she didn’t. I didn’t understand how he understood me, while I was speaking in Turkish.

          I’m missing Germany.




posted Mar 11, 2013, 8:38 PM by Osman Balkan

      It was the first time I had been abroad. I was getting more excited when we were approaching Germany. It would be a different experience for me. During the flight,  we made jokes with my friend Selen. Everything was perfect, expect the woman's next to us saying "pumpkins".


      We took the underground after the plane had landed with the German teacher called Dirk. It was interesting that all the seats were free.  In Turkey the underground is always full. When we get off at the last station, we started walk towards the house where we would stay. It was so beautiful. Differently from Istanbul we could see the stars in the sky. When we arrived at home, after chatting for a while, we slept.


       The following day we got up and went to the underground. When we first arrived, I had seen a church. It was the firs time I had seen a church. I was impressed. It was sunday and there was a public worship. We entered the church. They are singing. After a while, I was bored. So we left the church. We went to Sturbucks and inspite of the cold weather we ordered cold coffee for ourselves. We went home and in the evening,we met Bernd and other people from other countries. There were many younger kids than us. We were worried because we thought that all the other kids would be so young. But when we went to school, we met four girls the same age as us. We took our seats and we were given a piece of paper. We wrote our names and drew a picture about our country. People from all countries introduced themselelves. We joined the queue for lunch. It was a nice evening.


      The other days were at least as beautiful as the first day. We actually hung out with two Romanian girls. I have had the best days ever in Germany. We even made plans to be able to stay there longer, but they didn't work. I decided to learn German and to go there again.


      Kisses to everybody we met in Germany.


AMI Comenius Germany

posted Mar 7, 2013, 11:52 AM by Osman Balkan   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 12:16 PM ]

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