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Meeting in Bulgaria

posted Jul 30, 2013, 8:59 AM by Оксана Воронова

Comenius in Bulgaria

1st day:

After a long time in the plane and in a coach without any air conditioning we finally arrived in Tarnovo. We shortly strolled through the city filled with evening light and had pizza for the pupils and local specialities for the daring teachers. By and by the other participants arrived and they were heartily welcomed.

2nd day:

We were welcomed at the Resource centre for children with special needs and the students started to work in groups on the topic: “school of my dreams”. At the beginning the students were a bit shy, but Todor, a Bulgarian student, introduced himself with great pleasure to every one of us and took photos as well.

In the afternoon we visited the castle “Tsaravets” – it´s the place where Bulgaria was founded in the Middle Ages. We had a most impressive view to the river valley and the town which looked like a little nest in those hills.

3rd day:

Céline made friends with the Portuguese girls and gave them some fashion tips: what´s hot, what´s not. We went to the elementary school “Ivan Varzov” and saw several quite interesting lessons. Some of the classrooms had smart boards.

In the evening we wanted to smuggle pizza into our hotel, but we had to fight too many technical problems – we wanted to pull the pizza up with a rope construction, and somehow it didn´t work. But in the end we miraculously had an international pizza party – delicious.

4th day:

On our fourth day in Bulgaria we visited the school in Gorna Oryahovitsa, where we saw a very beautiful dance performance. Afterwards we danced ourselves, and the teachers showed a lot of talent, whereas the pupils appeared to be a bit shy.

Then Arbanassi, a little place with very beautiful houses, welcomed us with its great natural beauty, large meadows with blooming flowers and finally brilliant weather.

Souvenirs, souvenirs, souvenirs: Rose oil and wood carvings were bought, and hand creams for the nice girls from school who had stayed at home and collected the information for the travellers.

A real highlight in the most literal sense of the word was the sound and light show representing Bulgaria's bloody history. It was really awesome, almost overwhelming!

5th  day:

After visiting a resource centre in the town of Grabovo (and leaving behind the Greek delegation!) we went to an open air museum in Etar which recalled the medieval life of the simple people of Bulgaria. The homemade bread was delicious, and craftsmen offered their products in historical workshops.

In conclusion, the pupils Céline, Christoph, Felix and Jakob were very glad to have met young people from other European countries, get to know different cultures, and experience how well they could talk in English with their new friends.

Communication and the discovery of Bulgaria as a country they hadn't seen before were also the teachers' most important impressions from the week in Bulgaria. The Academy of Multiple Intelligence brings people together, makes friendships grow, and broadens the horizon.

The German team:

Céline, Christoph, Felix and Jakob and their teachers Gisela and Bernd