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posted May 16, 2014, 1:43 AM by Ege Meister

I was looking forward to the last project meeting. All of us were counting days.

I cannot bring out the best, because everything was great and I liked all about that trip.

But one good thing about this trip was the weather – warm and sunny.  Which was the complete opposite of what it was in the same time in Estonia. We were lucky to have weather that nice.

Because in Estonia we don’t have mountains I’ll remember most Cetate Deva. It was something different. Because I'm afraid of heights, it was quite a challenge and a little bit scary also.

It was interesting to learn about other culture and meet some new people. I liked to try different foods Romanian style.

When I look back on our trip to Romania there’s a smile on my face because it was one memorable week. (Gristel)

In the airport when I first heard Romanian language this was so strange and in some way awesome. The taximan was really crazy, he was driving so fast through streets. When we stopped in the hotel I automatically fell asleep(I was really tired). In the morning when we went to explore the Bukarest I saw many interesting and awesome appearance houses.
We walked through Old City and visited few shops. Next day we went the other side of the city. Just walked in the streets and found a good place to eat. It was delicious.
Next day in the early morning we had some fun and complications to find the bus to Petrosani. We drove 7-8 hours with bus, the nature of Romania was amazing!
So first day in Petrosani we visited the school. Romanian students had made to us few posters and we also made few picture frames. After that we went to visit church which was also like museum. Then we had lunch in KEOPS Restaurant, the meal was so delicious, I already miss the food of this Restaurant. Then we went to children’s club, which was interesting because we saw many interesting activities there.
Next morning we had closing ceremony of the Project and after that we went to University of Petrosani. And we end the night with carnival, we danced a lot, eat a lot and it was really fun!
Next day we went to Deva, visited Sportive High School, gymnastics showed us what they can do, this was unbelivable. We had lunch in High school and after we could walk around in Deva. Night ended with karaoke, this was the most fun night in my opinion.
Next day we visited the Castle of Hunedoara, we heard a lot about of this castles history which was interesting. After that we got to swim, had a really good relax time of this activities full of week.

Like I said in the start, I could not believe this trip will be so awesome and fun.
I wait forward to next time! (Keinar)