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posted May 16, 2014, 1:43 AM by Ege Meister

I was looking forward to the last project meeting. All of us were counting days.

I cannot bring out the best, because everything was great and I liked all about that trip.

But one good thing about this trip was the weather – warm and sunny.  Which was the complete opposite of what it was in the same time in Estonia. We were lucky to have weather that nice.

Because in Estonia we don’t have mountains I’ll remember most Cetate Deva. It was something different. Because I'm afraid of heights, it was quite a challenge and a little bit scary also.

It was interesting to learn about other culture and meet some new people. I liked to try different foods Romanian style.

When I look back on our trip to Romania there’s a smile on my face because it was one memorable week. (Gristel)

In the airport when I first heard Romanian language this was so strange and in some way awesome. The taximan was really crazy, he was driving so fast through streets. When we stopped in the hotel I automatically fell asleep(I was really tired). In the morning when we went to explore the Bukarest I saw many interesting and awesome appearance houses.
We walked through Old City and visited few shops. Next day we went the other side of the city. Just walked in the streets and found a good place to eat. It was delicious.
Next day in the early morning we had some fun and complications to find the bus to Petrosani. We drove 7-8 hours with bus, the nature of Romania was amazing!
So first day in Petrosani we visited the school. Romanian students had made to us few posters and we also made few picture frames. After that we went to visit church which was also like museum. Then we had lunch in KEOPS Restaurant, the meal was so delicious, I already miss the food of this Restaurant. Then we went to children’s club, which was interesting because we saw many interesting activities there.
Next morning we had closing ceremony of the Project and after that we went to University of Petrosani. And we end the night with carnival, we danced a lot, eat a lot and it was really fun!
Next day we went to Deva, visited Sportive High School, gymnastics showed us what they can do, this was unbelivable. We had lunch in High school and after we could walk around in Deva. Night ended with karaoke, this was the most fun night in my opinion.
Next day we visited the Castle of Hunedoara, we heard a lot about of this castles history which was interesting. After that we got to swim, had a really good relax time of this activities full of week.

Like I said in the start, I could not believe this trip will be so awesome and fun.
I wait forward to next time! (Keinar) 

Meeting in Netherlands

posted Feb 27, 2014, 3:54 AM by Ege Meister

The week in Holland passed quickly as always. The coordinators’ meetings were effective and we decided all the necessary things. Great surprise was to get our own dictionary.

A visit to De Emmaschool Amersfoort  was very interesting and warm-hearted. These people working there have really big hearts and big mission.

Students were happy with the sports events and of course Amsterdam visit. Science center Nemo was a real pearl and our boys had great fun there.


Estonia meeting

posted Feb 27, 2014, 3:11 AM by Ege Meister

07. – 11.10.2013 the Comenius project meeting took place, this time in our school in Estonia. We had 35 visitors from all partner schools. Unfortunately there not that many students as we expected, but as the distances are too long and students very young, it might cause problems for them to travel that far.

The week started with the introduction part, our headmaster’s speech and a tour around the school. It was nice to hear that our school impressed our guests with the cleanliness, brightness and good technical base.

During the coordinators meetings we saw very interesting presentations from Netherland, Portugal, Turkey and Germany about different approaches using multiple intelligences. It is very interesting to share the experience.

At the same time our printing students Gristel and Joanna organized different workshops for guest students and teachers, they taught how to make key chains. Very interesting was calendar making workshop. As we had a group photo on the first day, so our students took the guests to our printing workshop and they made themselves the calendars. Also our students played games with them and organized some sports competitions. Our young Estonian language teacher Helen taught our guests Estonian language and it was real fun for them. It was so nice to hear boys and girls trying to speak in Estonia during the whole week. They were really good  J

We had a walking tour in our old Tallinn. As our group was quite big it was a bit difficult to explain everything to everybody, but we managed to show some beautiful places and we took a lot of photos there.

We had a great possibility to visit two very different schools, Gustav Adolf Grammar School and Laulasmaa School. Both of them were really interesting, one is old and with long tradition in a historic building and the other very new and modern. The hosts were very kin d to show us everything and answer our questions. At Laulasmaa we had a great opportunity to visit Arvo Part museum which is not yet opened for the public. Great thanks to one of our mother who made that possible.

At the end of the week we had a long journey to the South Estonia, to Võru County. We climbed up to Suur Munamägi, walked around in amazing Ööbikuorg and Rõuge. Also we had a short walk at Võru.


Test post

posted Oct 7, 2013, 2:00 AM by Mario Saarik

This is test post for today

Turkey meeting

posted Jul 3, 2013, 4:02 AM by Ege Meister   [ updated May 16, 2014, 1:44 AM ]

At the beginning of June we had a great possibility to visit Turkey. The meeting was without students this time, there supposed to be headmasters and project managers.

During the week we had very hard-working days. Partners introduced the partner-countries educational systems; we also discussed the similarities and differences in the systems.

Very warmhearted were meetings with the students, they surrounded us in every minute we were out of meetings. Also the students gave us a very nice concert and also small children showed a nice ball-dance.

Different partners introduced the possibilities to use multiple intelligences in different classes; we saw a nice film about Portuguese students.

As this was the last meeting of the first year we wrote the main part of the interim report.

Turkish partners showed us very beautiful places in Istanbul and around it; also we had a boat trip on Bosporus.

We got a taste of the local food, which is quite different from Estonian food. Desserts were just all ten times sweeter.

And of course the culture and the people are quite different from northern European countries.

The most heartwarming were the lessons with the sweet children (they asked thousands of questions about us, our countries, we shared e-mails and even phone numbers). Turkish colleagues’ warm and nice hospitality is indescribable. We all felt like at home.

Also some time took the planning of next meetings in Estonia and Netherlands.



posted Jul 2, 2013, 2:24 AM by Ege Meister

I think 5 days were too few...

But during those days I got to know a lot of about Germany, other countries and different people with different cultures.

The most I liked when all students had to build a tree house. Because we were shared into groups and we had to communicate with each other, it didn`t matter how old we were or what country someone belongs. We did well and everyone had a great time.

Other things that I liked were dinners when we ate German food. It was interesting and different of what we eat in Estonia.

To my big surprise in German schools „1“is the best mark. But in Estonia it is „5. “

I really enjoyed being in Germany and I hope one day I’ll visit it again.


I’m happy that I had the chance to take part in this meeting. People were awesome and we all had a great time together. I really liked the city tour in Nürnberg. The stories and legends of that city were very fascinating. The view to the city from the outer court yard of the Nürnberg castle was just amazing. I wish I could see all those people again. I had a great time.

I’m looking forward to meet you all in Estonia in October 2013. (Marko)


posted Jul 2, 2013, 2:15 AM by Ege Meister

The first meeting in Portugal was a great start for the upcoming two years. It was quite good to be only the teachers to get to know each other better and to make plans for the future meetings. Good was to share the main tasks during the project period.

For the opening ceremony our school prepared a greeting video where we tried to introduce our school a little bit. It was real fun to make the video. As we have a photography speciality in our school, we asked one of the boys to help us making it. Although he is much older than the students in the project he was happy to help us. Some hours of filming and for the next day it was ready.

As our schooldays organisation is a bit different from the usual one, we had to make a different ceremony. We gave the links to the participants and we watched them in smaller groups and later we shared our feelings and emotions.

Our students are the oldest in the project and they are a bit worried how they fit in the whole group, but I hope everything will be just fine.

At the moment we are busy with making Christmas Cards and pictures. Also a big job for our IT students is to make web-page for the project.

All the students and teachers are very happy participating in the project. Group for Germany meeting is ready to meet new friends and see new things.

Untitled Post

posted Jun 28, 2013, 4:45 AM by Ege Meister   [ updated Jun 28, 2013, 4:46 AM ]

Comenius meeting in Bulgaria

posted May 8, 2013, 5:29 AM by Ege Meister   [ updated May 17, 2013, 10:50 AM by Toivo Pärnpuu ]

Bulgaria is a country where we visited schools where were children with special needs and teachers had to work much more with them. That was important to us, because we learned to be much more tolerant with people who have special needs. We had fun doing different handcrafts, and we were surprised how good fantasy they have.   First school what we visited was in Veliko Tarnovo and there we watched some movies about learning and this project. We had to do collage about future schools through our eyes with other students from another countries and then talk about what we think future school looks like. It was real fun and later it was interesting to see what others had done. 3 days later we played some ball games there during teachers meeting what was about developing this project. We also visited 2 similar schools where we got to see some classes. One was „Ivan Vazov“ Primary School and other was „Dimitar Blagoev“ Primary School.

We got a taste of the local food, which does not differ greatly from those in Estonia. Desserts were just all ten times sweeter.

Evenings in the hotel were sometimes too fun for some younger students but it was OK, we enjoyed the time being with them.

Most of the time we got to learn Bulgarian culture and their city Veliko Tarnovo. We visited many beautiful places like Tsaravets, Arbanasi Architectual Complex, and Museum of Wax Figures etc.

Most beautiful place was Tsarevets. It was hill where was fortress during age of Bulgarian emperors. It was surrounded with 2 other hills and a river. River was called Yantra and it proceeded between hills. One night we watched light show that took place on Tsaravets and it was simply amazing. The dark night full on ancient mystery and sounds and lights. Just unforgettable memory.

During the project we got some new friends and learned about Bulgarian culture. It was good trip and our group is happy to be  part of Comenius AMI team. J

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