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posted Jul 28, 2013, 6:53 PM by ami comenius   [ updated Jul 28, 2013, 7:18 PM ]

Our journey started in a cold January morning. We traveled four teachers and six children. Five of them with special needs. Тhe journey was by plane, I personally have traveled many times but this was the first children traveling abroad and flying an airplane was one of the most exciting things. After nearly two hours journey we arrive in Munich. I've been using the instructions in му hand, sent to me by Bernd. We all remained no light task to buy two Bayerntickets and traveling to Altdorf. With the help of friendly Germans we bought tickets and the adventure began.

First we got on the subway, which took us from the airport to the central train station in Munich. When we arrived we found out many corridors and gates and our platform with fast train to Nuremberg. Children like as true heroes carried their luggage. After nearly two hours journey we arrived in Nuremberg. We still have one more trip left, and most importantly - to Altdorf. We got on the train and we called to meet us. After a 30 minute ride in 20 h. in the evening we arrived. Bernd expected us and acquainted with our entire group and headed for the Leibniz Gymnasium. We left the luggage and went to the school cafeteria, where we joined the rest of our friends from Portugal, the Netherlands, Estonia, Turkey, Greece and Romania. Dinner was delicious. After dinner we went to the hotel, which was a typical Bavarian style.

In the morning after breakfast we saw Altdorf is a beautiful little town, very comfortable and memorable with its typical old houses and buildings. I thought I'd never breathe fresh air like this.

Immediately after breakfast we went to the Leibniz Gymnasium. After the official welcome, we split into two groups and made a tour of the school, and then began our workshops AMI. The week was filled with presentations by teachers with different techniques and methods of teaching. Students are actively included in various operations and activities.

In our free time we visited Nuremberg – Imperial Castle and Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It was all an amazing experience for me, my colleagues and especially for our "special children."

Days passed so fast, but great memories remain, and many photographs of the meeting.

What about our hosts? Great people, hospitable, friendly, always ready to help if you needed.

We all want to thank Dirk, Bernd, Danny and everyone else for their responsiveness and great preparation. Thank you very mach again.

(Andriana Tsankova, recource teacher in Recource center to support and integrated childrens with special educational needs, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

This week was one of the most wonderful in my life. People were very friendly and welcoming. The project will help us to exchange experiences and also learn to learn in new and different ways. It was interesting to learn about other people involved in the project - for their language and life.

Dimitar Georgiev – student

Pictures from Germany