“Academy of Multiple Intelligences”

Through this project we will develop key skills and competences in the students. Students will learn a lot about their own culture, school and way of learning when sharing work produced for the exchange with partners and at the same time discover a great deal about the partner countries. All the students and teachers will be able to participate in this exchange. Although the shared language will be English, the project will include the learning of simple phrases in each partner language and a large part of the work produced will reflect this. The project will celebrate the diversity of the partners and their languages. A joint dictionary using all partner languages will be produced with respect to a variety of topics.

The main curriculum areas to be covered will be: Languages, Sports, Arts, ICT, Sciences, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, etc. Schools will then correspond by letter or email and produce a DVD, a book and a film for exchange. Extensive use will be made of the partner languages and the European dictionary will include school expressions.

he partner group is going to promote the project in the 2 years long, in every partner schools and also with local partners. The main motivation for AMI project is to create a new view on school. Through this project we will develop key skills and competencies in the students.

The idea of the project partner’s is to foster interest in the cultures of other countries so that students realize the importance of the European Community.

The project advanced was born in order to create different learning opportunities for students who partly live in deprived areas of their countries.